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Cattle Feeding Pioneer Celebrates 100th Year

Cattle feeding pioneer Dr. John Matsushima celebrated his 100th birthday on December 24, 2020. The Colorado Livestock Association and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association presented him with a crystal in recognition of the many years he has dedicated to the advancement of the cattle industry.

“If his globally recognized accomplishments weren’t enough, Dr. Matsushima is doing something that very few of us will likely get to enjoy, and that is to celebrate our 100th birthday,” stated Bill Hammerich, CEO of Colorado Livestock Association. “We have all heard the word ‘giant’ used to describe those who have contributed in a positive way to an industry or a cause for the betterment of mankind. Even though he is small in stature, Dr. Matsushima is a true giant in the livestock industry. His vision, passion and curiosity are all qualities that enabled him to move the cattle industry forward for the better part of a century.”

Matsushima’s grandfather emigrated from Japan in 1890.  He was the oldest of 7 children. He worked on the family cattle farm and developed an early interest in the feeding of their beef cattle. His favorite class in high school was animal husbandry and he was a member of 4H, becoming a 4H champion.
Watch an interview recently recorded by the Fort Collins Rotary Club.

Happy Birthday Dr. Matsushima!

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