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Animal Care

CLA’s Animal Care Code of Ethics

We are devoted to the animals in our care. We, therefore, affirm our obligation to provide responsible animal care using sound animal husbandry practices, based on practical experience and scientific research. Because all species of livestock are produced in diverse environments and geographic locations, we recognize there is no single set of production practices that can be recommended for all livestock producers. Personal experience, training, best practices and professional judgment can serve as valuable resources for providing appropriate animal care for the well-being of livestock and worker safety. To that end, we commit to:

  • Provide ready access to fresh water and adequate nutrition.
  • Follow applicable disease, injury prevention and treatment practices to ensure herd health.
  • Provide a species-appropriate environment.
  • Using appropriate methods to humanely euthanize terminally sick or injured livestock and minimize the animal’s pain and distress. Whether death occurs by euthanasia or natural causes, remains should be disposed of by approved methods that will minimize risk of disease and infection to people or to other animals.
  • Provide personnel with training to properly handle and care for livestock.
  • Keep updated on advancements, research and changes in the industry and make decisions based upon sound production practices with consideration for animal well-being.
  • Provide facilities and handling practices that allow for the safe, humane, and efficient movement and/or restraint of livestock.

The willful mistreatment or abuse of livestock is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Animal Activism

CLA has a long history of proactively advocating on behalf of farmers and ranchers when it comes to threats from animal activist groups.

CLA routinely shares farm security and crisis resources developed by the Animal Agriculture Alliance, including preparing for protests, farm security, law enforcement communication, and more.

CLA will continue to ensure that the interests of the industry are represented in the governing bodies charged with making decisions regarding animal husbandry practices.

Member-only resources for animal activist farm preparedness are available on the CLA Member Portal under the Resources tab.

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