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The Halfway Point – Weekly Legislative Recap

As we reach the halfway point of the legislative session, CLA continues to be the voice of the livestock industry under the gold dome.

Yesterday was a full day of hearings on key bills covering environmental issues, appliance standards, and the right-to-repair bill. CLA testified in opposition to the Right-to-Repair bill, HB23-1011 Consumer Right To Repair Agricultural Equipment. While CLA understands the intent of the bill and the challenges this bill is seeking to address, we believe this type of legislation is premature given the significant work being accomplished at the federal level between equipment manufacturers and national agriculture groups. This bill seeks to circumvent the process previously agreed upon by these MOUs.

After testimony was heard late into the evening Thursday, the bill was passed to the committee on a 4-3 vote.

The House Energy and Environment Committee passed HB23-1161 Environmental Standards For Appliances with amendments to Appropriations with an 8-3 vote, and passed HB23-1210 Carbon Management as amended after testimony with an 8-3 vote to House Appropriations.

The House State Civic Military and Veterans Affairs Committee heard HB23-1154 Ballot Issue Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report and it was postponed indefinitely.

The Senate Ag and Natural Resources Committee heard SB23-159 Sunset Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council, which passed on a 7-0 vote to Senate Appropriations.

The committee and the CLA legislative team monitor activity on bills of interest to the membership. To view a full list of bills CLA has taken positions on and is monitoring this session, view CLA’s bill tracker.

The next call of CLA’s Legislative Affairs Committee is Friday, March 17, 2023 at 7:00 am. All members are welcome to participate. If you would like the call information, contact Brittany Dennison at

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