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CLA Signs Onto Request for Executive Order to Temporarily Raise Weight on the Interstate to Address Supply Chain Challenges

Along with a number of organizations, Colorado Livestock Association signed a letter of support requesting Governor Polis’ assistance in addressing a critical problem facing the supply chain within the state . The issue relates to having an adequate supply of trucks and drivers to address the multitude of needs of the economy and state at this time. A combination of factors have acted to stress the supply chain helping to create fuel shortages, significant delays or deferrals of construction projects, difficulty in moving agricultural products as well as other materials to support our farmers and ranchers, delays in providing critical materials for manufacturers, embargoing of freight for days if not weeks affecting retail and various other businesses and more. The net result is not only a significant impact on individual businesses but one that is beginning to affect our overall economy in the state as it seeks to recover from the impacts of COVID.

In light of this serious matter and the implications of it on the state’s economy, the organizations are asking that Governor Polis issue an Executive Order to raise temporarily the maximum weight for trucks on our interstate highways to 85,000 lbs., which is consistent with other state highways in Colorado. The additional 5,000 lbs. will reduce the number of trucks and drivers and in turn help to mitigate our supply chain problem through the end of August.

View the letter here.

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