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CLA Member Appointed to USDA Agricultural Air Quality Task Force

Created by the 1996 Farm Bill, the USDA Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality Research (Task Force) promotes USDA research efforts and identifies cost-effective ways the agriculture industry can improve air quality. The Task Force membership consists of leaders in farming, industry, health, and science for two-year terms.

Dairy farmer and CLA board member, Jon Slutsky, was appointed to serve up to two years beginning January 4, 2021, and ending in 2023.

The Task Force advises the Secretary of Agriculture on air quality and its relationship to agriculture based on sound scientific findings. In that advisory role, the Task Force:

  • Reviews research on agricultural air quality supported by federal agencies
  • Promotes intergovernmental (federal, state, local and tribal) coordination in establishing agricultural air quality policy to avoid duplication of efforts
  • Ensures that air quality conservation practices supported by USDA are based on peer reviewed research and are economically feasible for agricultural producers.

View the full list of Task Force members.

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