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Protect Colorado’s Natural Beauty – Vote No on Proposition 114 Wolf Reintroduction

Colorado provides residents and visitors with unmatched natural beauty and exceptional opportunities. These components drive our economy and contribute to our well-being. This is the Colorado way of life. Activists are seeking to destroy these values we hold dear through a misguided attempt to introduce wolves into the state.

About Proposition 114

  • The measure will forcibly introduce wolves onto Colorado’s Western Slope against the advice of wildlife experts.
  • Existing wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, will be put in severe danger. Wolves prey on whatever they find and introduce diseases that are fatal to other species.
  • Wolves don’t recognize property boundaries and can range hundreds of miles pioneering new territories, creating conflicts with other animals and humans on both private and public land.
  • Wolves will pose a direct and serious threat to humans, livestock, and domestic pets.
  • Any perceived benefits of wolf introduction are temporary and are greatly offset by the long-term damage caused by wolves.
  • Wolf packs travel vast distances, and individual pack territories can cover 50-1,000 square miles.


  • Today, Colorado is home to some of North America’s most beloved elk and deer herds and a small but cherished population of moose.
  • Wolves have severely impacted elk and moose herds in the northern Rockies, even killing the last of Idaho’s caribou herd. As a result of careful management by our state game agency, elk, deer, moose, and other wildlife are thriving on the Western Slope.
  • Colorado agriculture is one of the state’s primary economic drivers, contributing billions of dollars to the state’s economy annually, and providing open space and habitat for Colorado wildlife.
  • Tourism is one of our state’s main draws. Many tourists visit Colorado to view our state’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife.
  • Wolves pass fatal diseases to other wildlife populations, kill wildlife, and prey on livestock and domestic pets.
  • The forcible introduction of wolves threatens the natural beauty that we all love so much about Colorado.
  • Wolves are already naturally expanding their range into Colorado as a result of the wolf introduction in the northern Rockies.

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