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Stabilizing Steps Secure Beef Supply

Like others, beef producers are learning to make adjustments in our everyday activities. Yesterday’s executive order from the Trump Administration invoking the Defense Production Act will deliver additional needed personal protection equipment and screening supplies to further ensure worker safety in meat-processing plants. Concurrently, meat-processing plants will remain open as critical infrastructure while the nation confronts growing food supply disruptions from COVID-19.

Colorado’s beef community, led by the Colorado Beef Council, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and Colorado Livestock Association, is committed to doing our part to provide the public with safe and wholesome products. “The beef industry is doing everything possible to meet consumer demand, but the primary concern is ensuring the health and safety of those who produce, process, inspect and deliver beef,” stated Dwain Weinrich, Colorado Livestock Association President.

As a growing number of processing plants across the country started experiencing slow-downs and temporary closures, processing capacity was 14-16 percent lower than the same time a year ago – jeopardizing the ability to meet consumer needs during the pandemic.  “Being able to keep plants open and get those that were closed back open, will help keep the supply chain intact and ensure that beef will remain available to consumers,” commented CBC Chair, Sallie Miller of Briggsdale, CO.  “Feeding families has always been our top priority,” she added.

Consumers should continue to be confident that adequate supplies of beef are available in their grocery store of choice. The disruptions to the food supply system have not caused lasting food shortages and impacts felt by consumers are not permanent. Meat is available in cold storage for distribution and the supply chain is catching up to consumer demand.

“These stabilizing measures will ensure beef supply, worker safety advancements and a structured return to normal operations in Colorado’s beef sector”, said Steve Wooten, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association President. Wooten went on to say, “While continued vigilance is prudent, our producers are doing their part to advance Colorado’s economy toward recovery and a vibrant future.”


Todd Inglee, Colorado Beef Council (303) 830-7892

Terry Fankhauser, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (303) 431-6422

Bill Hammerich, Colorado Livestock Association (970) 378-0500

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