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Colorado Livestock Association Calls on Congress to Pass Stimulus Bill

The livestock industry in Colorado represents a $4.6 billion impact to the state economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant economic impact and in its letter to the Colorado Congressional Delegation of behalf of Colorado’s livestock producers, CLA leadership asked for the following relief:

  • A one-time “stimulus” payment, that is managed by USDA, to those men and women who have dealt with a rapid decline in market value for their livestock and continue to deal with unprecedented volatility in the prices they are receiving and the prices of the inputs they are purchasing. This payment will and should help livestock operators, who have a demonstrated need, to mitigate the drain on their farm/ranch equity.
  • All Federal agencies who have the capability to do so, should provide loan guarantees, low interest or zero interest loans for a long period of time to get producers back on their feet.
  • Increase Federal assistance to our rural communities and specifically our rural health care needs, both medical and mental health.
  • Explore modifications to current and /or new risk mitigation programs to increase affordability and participation.
  • Ensure that all federal agencies remain operational to keep packing and processing facilities functioning to allow all segments of the livestock supply chain to continue to market livestock in an orderly manner.
  • Demand that USDA increase monitoring of packer bids and take swift action if there is evidence of price manipulation.

View the letter.

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