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Tell Colorado Legislators to Vote NO on HB20-1117


Tell the House of Representatives to Vote NO on HB20-1117: Misbranding Nonmeat and Imported and Artificial Meat. The House will hear the bill soon and needs to hear from you NOW!

Unfortunately, the bill passed through committee, but it needs to stop now. Creating a required labeling system for imported meat doesn’t work for Colorado. It creates unnecessary and costly requirements that are impossible to comply with, resulting in negative consequences for farm families, Colorado businesses and even consumers.

Colorado doesn’t need more unnecessary mandates that make it harder for farmers and ranchers to do business. Urge the House of Representatives to VOTE NO on HB20-1117.

View the white paper on COOL and the letter submitted to the Colorado General Assembly on behalf of agriculture industry organizations, including; Colorado Livestock Association, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Colorado Farm Bureau, Colorado Association of Wheat Growers, and Colorado Wool Growers Association.


Subject: Vote NO on HB20-1117: Misbranding Nonmeat and Imported and Artificial Meat

[Senator or Representative’s Name],

As a livestock producer in Colorado, I urge you to vote NO on HB20-1117: Misbranding Nonmeat And Imported And Artificial Meat. This legislation doesn’t help Coloradans, it hurts them.

The labeling requirements in this bill should be done on a federal level. Colorado companies and retailers will be left with the responsibility to track livestock from all 50 states with tools they do not have, an impossible and arbitrary requirement that will end up costing businesses, farm families and consumers money.

Additionally, the Colorado legislature has already rejected measures like this one twice in the past because it violates federal law, has no impact on food safety and doesn’t actually provide consumers with information about where their meat comes from.

A mandatory “Imported” label won’t change the fact that:

-Violating federal law will result in retaliatory duties from our trading partners.

-ALL meat sold in the US meets strict and rigorous food safety standards.

-Consumers won’t know what country their meat comes from.

I urge you to VOTE NO on HB20-1117. Protect Colorado agriculture from this costly and unnecessary mandate.


[Your Name]


Unsure who your representative is? Find them here.

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