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Colorado Livestock Groups Helping to Stamp Out Weekend Hunger

KidsPak, a weekend student hunger relief program of the Loveland Rotary Club, started its second half of the 2019/20 school year by adding a high-quality beef stick to its weekly food bag.

Jordan Levi, of Five Rivers Cattle Feeding in Johnstown, CO and his wife Shannon were instrumental in raising the funds to secure the sticks for KidsPak. A long-term plan for producing this item is under development with Colorado Livestock Association, Colorado State University Animal Sciences Department, Arcadia Asset Management, Magnum Feedyard and other Colorado livestock peers.

Levi of Arcadia Asset Management and Five Rivers said: “There is a need in the state of Colorado to feed hungry children on the weekends. As a participant in the livestock industry we are just doing what we do best- feeding people. While we are helping to feed 650 kids this weekend in the Thompson School District it is our goal to feed kids in need throughout the entire state. We intend to formulate a recipe with the help of CSU, produce and package a high-quality beef stick using primal cuts containing 9 grams of protein and then distribute throughout backpack programs in our great state. Donations either in cash or the designation of animals can help contribute to the goal. We believe that this is not only great for the kids, but a way to showcase the commitment of Colorado agriculture to the community.”

Wednesday, representatives from Five Rivers Cattle Feeding and Colorado Livestock Association helped volunteers to fill 650 bags with food items which included beef sticks. These bags were then delivered to schools in the Loveland area.

Case Gabel of Magnum Feedyard stated: “We are excited about this new program by which the livestock industry in Colorado can ensure that kids, who otherwise might not, have the opportunity to consume a nutritious protein filled meal. It’s been rewarding to collaborate alongside the Five Rivers & Arcadia teams, CSU, and CLA to bring this concept closer to reality. Even though our roots and heritage run deep in Weld County, it is our hope that the livestock industry in the entire state of Colorado embraces this program and we can grow it to a point that all “snack pack” programs for kids in need have a beef stick included.”

The collective goal is to raise money to produce these beef sticks here in CO and distribute them throughout the state. This will not only help kids get fed on the weekends but highlight the great things the livestock and agriculture businesses of CO do for their communities. We want this be a joint effort between the Livestock Associations of Colorado, CSU, and livestock/agriculture producers of Colorado.

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