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2019 Legislative Session Has Come to an End

The 2019 Legislative Session has come to a close and CLA would like to thank the members of the Legislative Affairs Committee for their input and engagement throughout the session. Additionally, CLA thanks the legislators who joined the Friday morning conference calls to discuss bills of interest to the membership.

There were 598 bills introduced this session, 160 bills have been signed by the Governor, and 112 bills have been postponed indefinitely. CLA monitored 36 bills throughout the session. Below is a summary of the bills that CLA supported or opposed throughout the session:

HB 1102 – Nonanimal and Lab-grown Meat Misbranding: CLA appreciates Representative Pelton’s forward thinking and effort on this bill. He postponed the bill indefinitely due to the fact that it may have been a bit ahead of it’s time as it will need to be acted on by the FDA and USDA first. (Postponed Indefinitely)

SB 038 – Agricultural Trailers Port of Entry Clearance: This bill was supported by CLA, but Senator Sonnenberg postponed the bill once he became aware of the Colorado State Patrol efforts to develop a plan to take care of the issue. (Postponed Indefinitely)

SB 139 – More Colorado Road and Community Safety Act Offices: CLA strongly supported this bill that passed and has been signed by the Governor allowing up to 10 additional sites across the state to be opened. (Passed and Signed by the Governor)

SB 181 – Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations: CLA opposed this bill and unfortunately it passed. It was signed by the Governor on April 16, 2019. (Passed and Signed by the Governor )


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