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Legislative Affairs Committee Joined by Senator Joann Ginal

The Colorado Livestock Association Legislative Affairs Committee met this Friday morning via conference call to discuss pending legislation and its potential effect on rural Colorado and livestock producers.

The Committee was joined by Senator Joann Ginal (D), who represents Larimer County and is a member of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and the Chair of the Senate Local Government Committee.

Senator Ginal discussed two bills of interest to members of the Committee:

HB19-1102 Nonanimal & Lab-grown Meat Misbranding

The bill states that food is misbranded as “meat” or a cut of meat if it does not come from animals and that lab-grown meat is misbranded as “meat” or a cut of meat unless these terms are not modified by “lab-grown” or “artificially cultured”.
Bill Sponsors: Representative Rod Pelton, Representative Kimmi Lewis, Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, Senator Joann Ginal

HB19-1092 Animal Ban For Cruelty To Animals Conviction

Concerning a prohibition on future ownership of an animal for persons convicted of animal cruelty.
Bill Sponsors: Rep. A. Valdez, Sen. J. Ginal

In addition, Senator Ginal discussed her participation on the Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare (CLAW) Caucus which is the largest caucus at the Capitol that engages legislators and the public on issues surrounding animal welfare. CLAW is chaired by Sens. Joann Ginal and Jack Tate, Rep. Larry Liston.

The Caucus holds meetings every third Thursday that are open to the public. Visit their website for more information.

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