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CLA’s 2017 Legislator of the Year Award Presented in Sterling

Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg recognized for his commitment to livestock producers in Colorado

The Colorado Livestock Association named State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg as their “Legislator of the Year” this week for his work and commitment to Colorado’s agriculture and livestock industry.

Photo Caption: Julie McCaleb, CLA Legislative Affairs Committee Chair and Steve Holdren, CLA Lobbyist present the 2017 Legislator of the Year award to Senator Jerry Sonnenberg.

“Senator Jerry Sonnenberg is a real-life farmer and rancher who has a deep-rooted understanding of and passion for agriculture in Colorado. This is most evident in his actions as he represents not just his constituents in Senate District One, but all of Colorado agriculture in carrying out his duties in the Colorado Senate,” stated Bill Hammerich, CEO of Colorado Livestock Association. “Because of his commitment to and support of agriculture in the legislative arena the Colorado Livestock Association is proud to recognize Senator Jerry Sonnenberg as the CLA 2017 Legislator of the Year.”

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg gives an outlook for the 2018 Legislative Session for Northeast Colorado livestock producers.

Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg is a Colorado native who has been farming and ranching in northeastern Colorado his entire life. He continues to live and work on the same family farm that both his father and he were raised. Currently, Sonnenberg serves as President Pro Tempore of the Colorado Senate and continues to demonstrate his dedication to the agricultural community through his Chairmanship of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee. CLA has worked with Sonnenberg on a number of issues impacting agriculture and continues to collaborate with the senator to advance the livestock industry in our state.

“I am both gratified and humbled to be the Colorado Livestock Association’s Legislator of the Year,” said Sonnenberg. “I cannot think of a more principled and forthcoming organization with which I’d like to associate myself. The CLA fought hard to promote and protect one of Colorado’s largest industries and I look forward to working with them on their efforts in the years to come.”

Colorado Livestock Association members and staff strive to represent the voice of Colorado’s livestock producers at the state legislature. During the summer months CLA members host farm tours for legislators to give them an in-depth look at cattle and hog production and feeding, dairy farming, and cattle ranching. Following the beginning of the Legislative Session CLA hosts an annual Legislative Breakfast where legislators and CLA members have the opportunity to discuss current legislation and issues of importance to rural Colorado.

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