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Temple Grandin Visits Colorado Dairy Farms

Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned animal handling expert, author and Colorado State University professor, traveled to three Colorado dairy farms. In attendance were CLA President Mary Kraft and CLA members Rick Podtburg and Bill Wailes, as well as representatives from Western Dairy Association and Dairy Farmers of America, Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection and CLA staff. The tour was hosted by Western Dairy Association.

Dr. Grandin visited the Feldpausch, Vander Dussen and Hirsch family dairy farms, and was extremely complimentary of what she saw at each dairy. “I saw some things today that were really good,” said Dr. Grandin. “I’m real pleased on cow condition and how clean the dairy farms and cows were.” Conversations during the day centered on animal care, from genetics to stall width and types of barns. “We have to have the best practices in place to ensure our dairies/businesses are using safe business practices; including animal welfare,” said Kraft. “In Colorado, we do.” Kraft emphasized that although there are many styles of management used in the state, dairy farmers are committed to optimizing the system they work in and ensuring that animals are well cared for.

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