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Ag Producers on the Hill: Ag Day at the Capitol

AgDay01031815Happy Colorado Agriculture Day!  This is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by the agricultural community.  If you eat, you’re involved in agriculture and that is a tremendous responsibility and privilege that farmers, ranchers, and producers hold on to.  Through their efforts, families have safe, affordable food on their dinner table.  And those efforts create a way of life that is the foundation of this great state. In addition to providing food, farmers and ranchers protect our natural resources and the environment, and continually develop sustainable farming practices to protect the land for future generations.  The ag community also has a tremendous impact on our state’s economic vitality. And of course…they grow darn good food!

Today, a celebration of agriculture was held at the State Capitol.  Events included a news conference, cooking competition, and a donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies. If you eat, you are involved in agriculture. Gov. John Hickenlooper addressed a packed foyer full of farmers and ranchers. “We all participate in agriculture every day of the week when we eat anything,” Hickenlooper said while wearing a cowboy hat. “(Agriculture) is connected to literally every other part of the economy.” Chefs prepared meals that ranged from Colorado tamales, to pork loin, bison and lamb. Desserts utilizing Colorado ingredients were available. Agriculture Commissioner Don Brown said, “When you’re walking around, remember, if you eat, you’re participating in agriculture, and we thank you as producers.”

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